The Fundamentals Of Methods Of Acupuncture And Back Pain Bristol

Mountain lion paws “It’s like having little shoes on — fish shoes,” Peyton joked of the “biologic bandage.” The fish skin, which to Peyton’s knowledge has never before been used on an animal, speeds up the healing process and has the added benefit of being completely harmless if it’s eaten by the cub — something that can’t be said about artificial bandages. She adapted the idea from a team using it on human burn patients in Brazil. “It’s the perfect idea to use for wild animals,” she said. UC Davis veterinary medicine student Madelyn Arbios holds the cub's paw while Jamie Peyton attaches the tilapia skin. Many of the techniques Peyton uses — like cold lasers and acupuncture — are commonly used on people, but veterinarians often stick to what they know, Peyton said. “We push people to think outside the boundaries,” she said. Peyton said she’s excited about the possibilities the fish-skin treatment represents, and hopes to research it further and someday use it as a treatment for companion animals. acupuncture snoringShe’s hoping donors will step forward to help make more research possible. UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, works with California Department of Fish and Wildlife to burn wounds with sterilized tilapia skin on a mountain lion injured during the Thomas Fire.

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